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DataJet - Shopify development platform with unlimited capabilities!

Getting Super Powers

DataJet is an app which will help you to automate any kind of repetitive work across your Shopify store. When saying any kind of work we really mean it. Possibilities are endless: from simple operations on orders or customers (adding/removing/editing, automated tagging etc.) through integrations with external systems (ERPs, FTPs, CRMs, etc.) and importing data from your local files to providing data to your frontend (inventory levels lookup, gift cards lookup, custom forms). All of the above is possible thanks to Liquid editors built into the app (we call them hooks). To set up an automation within the app some basic knowledge of programming with Liquid is required.

If you don't feel comfortable using Liquid, send us a an email to support@code57.pl and we will set up any automation task you require for free!

Our app also offers number of out of the box tasks. No liquid knowledge required in that case! All OOTB task can be further extended or modified using hooks.

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