Scripts (also referred to as tasks) are the starting points of any custom integrations. Each task is built using Liquid code. This is the same Liquid syntax that you know from Shopify, however, it has a few extensions. All available extensions are detailed in this documentation under the Liquid section.

There are six different types of scripts:

  • Input: This script accepts a file uploaded by the user as an input. The file is uploaded through the user-facing dashboard. It is useful when you need to import data in bulk or modify Shopify objects based on a source file..

  • HTTP: This script will be triggered anytime the autogenerated endpoint is called.

  • Scheduled: This script runs on a schedule. It can also be triggered manually by the user.

  • Event: This script triggers anytime one of the Shopify events is detected, such as a new order or an updated customer.

  • Shipping Rate: This task returns custom shipping rates to the checkout.

  • Email: This task triggers when an email is received in your DataJet inbox (

Script timeout

All scripts except shipping and http script have a timeout of 24 hours. After that time script automatically stops.

Shipping and http scripts have a timeout of 60 seconds. If you are using http script to perform long running tasks - consider using run filter to delegate the task to another script. Run triggers another script asynchronously meaning that it does not contribute to 60 second timeout.

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