OOTB (deprecated)

OOTB task are deprecated as of 2023-01
Out of the box tasks are more complex and robust tasks that are not possible to implement with Blank Tasks only.
To set up OOTB task no coding in Liquid is required. Instead, you will go through few steps of task setup.
Each task has from one to four slots for hooks. Although not required, you are able to extend or customize task functionality by adding a hook for each slot. Code defined in a hook will be executed in certain moments of the task execution process.

Credits and Actions:

Each task will use certain amount of app credits anytime an action (e.g fulfillment creation, inventory adjustment) takes place. This vary from task to task. Number of credits required is specified either on first step of task setup or in task description. If you are not sure how many credits app would use in your particular case, please get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you!