Import fulfillments from local file

Goal: to automatically create order fulfillments using source data files (csv, txt or tsv) stored on your PC.

Core features:

  • parses uploaded file

  • run fulfilment import anytime you want after the task is set up.

  • supports for partial fulfillments

  • supports tracking urls and tracking codes

  • decide if you want to notify customer about fulfilment

Above can be further extended with the use of Hooks:

  • adding/removing tags to processed orders

  • skipping source file rows based on column values

  • skipping fulfillments based on order properties (tag, name etc)

Hooks will also allow you to define any custom action not listed above. Please get in touch with us at if you need assistance!

Action: Fulfillment for group of line items created.

Credits: 2

If you would like to import files from FTP server, check our Import fulfillments from FTP task.

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